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Antari F80zr  
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Wireless Control

This is probably the best selling fog machine in the world. The build quality of antari products is seccond to none. It is designed to be the perfect companion for the Mobile DJ, house parties, and Halloween fun. This unit include the FC-5 Wireless Remote Control with key fob. You can control the Fogger from anywhere within the room or even back stage!

Antari Z 1000 
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ANTARI Z1000 Smoke Machine, Introducing the ANTARI Z-Series: which are equipped with ECO electronic thermal control, sophisticated PC boards, and housed in a sleek new case design. The Z-Series represents Antari's pro-quality line of fog machines and fazers, suitable for any venue or application. The ECO thermal control provides the most stable output, reduces warm-up times, all while increasing volume and duration.

Antari Z 1200 
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1200 Watt Heater
ECO advanced thermal control system
Unicore technology
On board DMX.
Z-8 timer remote control included


Power: AC 120V/60Hz, 230V/50Hz
Fuse: 125V/13A, 250V/7A
Warm-up time: 10 minutes
Output: 18,000 cuft. / min.
Tank capacity: 2.5 liters

Funky 1500s 
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Funky 1500s

There aren't many applications where you would need anything bigger than this!
A massive 1500w heater ensures that this machine delivers a huge amount of smoke, yet remains one of the most economical smoke machines on the market.

High Output 1500w Smoke Machine
Uses Standard Smoke Fluid (not included)
Wireless and Wired Remotes Included
Features Handle and Hanging Bracket
Produces over 10000 CuFt per Minute
Capacity : 1.5 litres
12 Minute Warm Up Time

Funky 900s 
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Funky 900s

High quality smoke machine with 900w of heating power. the unit is supplied with a remote control switch, lead control switch and hanging fitting bracket (you can operate the smoke machine remotely or via leaded cable).

900w Quality Smoke Machine
Uses Standard Smoke Fluid (not included)
10 Minutes Warm Up Time
Produces 4000 CuFt per minute
Tank Capacity : 1 Litre
Comes with Wireless & Wired Remote
With Carry Handle and Hanging Bracket

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